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This community of municipalities is composed of five villages linked by mountains, valleys and historical ties. Located in the heart of the Marina Alta, they preserve traditions of another time with the same ease with which the land is cultivated.


Your plans may include some hiking or cycling, as the landscapes of these municipalities are worth a good walk.

Pego i les Valls is a charming place with a rich culinary tradition and a variety of accommodation options to suit all tastes - don't miss the opportunity to explore this beautiful area and immerse yourself in the local culture - it's sure to be an unforgettable experience!


We suggest the visitor to know these lands through a route starting from PEGO. Here visitors should stop to take a look at the narrow streets that retain their Mediaeval flavour. We start from the Baroque chapel of the Ecce-Homo, patron saint of the municipality, and continue on to the Town Hall Square where you will come to the parish church of La Asunción. It is also recommended to visit the Casa de Cultura where two museums are found: the Museum of Modern Art and the Ethnological Museum (about the rice farming and the traditional art and craft), and the entomological collection Juan Torres-Sala. Religion has left parish churches like those of Sant Miquel, Sant Josep or Sant Antoni. 


It is also mostly recommended visiting the “Marjalmarsh of Pego-Oliva. It is one of the largest areas of biodiversity in the Mediterranean and it is the natural habitat of several species. It is the perfect place for a walk or a bike ride around the rice fields.


And, lastly, before starting our route to La Vall d’Ebo, we can stop at the Convento Franciscano (Franciscan Convent) without forgetting of visiting the Castillo de Ambra’s ruins.


La Vall d'Ebo

In LA VALL D’EBO, one can feel living history in every corners inhabited by man, from cave-paintings to ruins of Morisco settlements that event today can be fully appreciated by visiting the local history museum, the Museo Etnológico. Vall d’Ebo is of a great natural beauty because of its amazing countryside, such as the Tolls areas (natural swimming pools) or the Barranc de l’Infern. And, speaking about natural beauty, we have to mention its natural treasure, the Cova del Rull, where we can see stalactites and stalagmites.


We continue through this circular route passing through small villages such as LA VALL D'ALCALA, stronghold of the Moorish Commander Al-Azraq (who fought King James I of Aragon). It contains two villages: Alcalà de la Jovada and Beniaia. Your visit include the ruined Moorish village of L'Atzuvieta, the best preserved of Valencia Region. Also worth knowing are the snow-conserving wells, end 18th century, “Nevera de Dalt” and “Nevera de Baix”, supplying ice to the port of Denia.



Back to Pego, we cross LA VALL DE GALLINERA, where we find the emblematic Penya Foradà, a natural hole in the rock, which is the most representative part of the landscape in the Gallinera valley. You can also go over the Route of the 8 villages: Benissili, Llombai, Alpatró, La Carroja, Benitaia, Benissivà, Benialí and Benirrama. And do not forget to stop by and admire some of the cave paintings in the area, declared World Heritage by Unesco.


Before arriving to L’ATZÚBIA one will come to Forna Castle, a Medieval fortress that remains in impeccable condition and is close to the village of the same name. Once in L’Atzúbia we have the opportunity of meeting nature in its essence if we visit the stunning Canelobres Cave and the beautiful stretch of countryside Tossal del Llop.



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